Two Pennies To Rub

Maurice Douglas

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Forthcoming For 2020: “Two Pennies to Rub” (Part 1 - Opening Sequence) Genre: Folk Acoustic. A solo project by Maurice Douglas also featuring Jon Camp.

I have taken the unusual steps of releasing the first batch of tracks from the new folk album “Two Pennies to Rub” which are being made available prior to pre full album release as a package or single-track downloads … (Part 2) the second batch of songs will follow very soon and the whole package will be available as a complete full album download and possibly a hard copy CD to follow.

WAV Tracks 16 Bit 1411kbps for “Two Pennies to Rub” can be purchased & downloaded from this section of the website, and other formats are also available on special request. The songs are being presented as a Prologue (Opening Sequence)

Project Info: Many hours of research into the local history of Northumberland (UK), plus many months of recording & music production have made the project a very difficult challenge nevertheless a worthwhile experience being a fellow Northumbrian.

Two Pennies to Rub, is based on my personal experiences from a child growing up in poverty, the struggles of the 80s miners’ strike, and coming of age, while faced with many difficult situations which involved associates friends and family who all play a part in the storyline and lyrics, although? the song lyrics do not contain people’s names respectfully.

Northern history and traditions are something I have always been proud of and this is the perfect opportunity to tell my story and experiences through the power of songs, for every track is based on my personal journey through the hardships endured in my early years, it was definitely “Holes in the Pockets, Holes in the Shoes, Never Two Pennies to Rub.

Unfortunately, the struggle still continues to this day, and our local communities have never recovered from the closure of the coal mines since the 1980s.

The North unfortunately has suffered from lack of investment for many years especially in young in people, and many local services have deteriorated dramatically.

I’m not intending to get on my Soapbox at this point or making a speech, but it’s the younger generation and future generations who will inherit and bear the brunt unless we strive to create a fairer society for all.

We live in worrying and uncertain times right now and people must come together to create a better world.

Please take the time to listen to the tracks as they have a very uncanny calming effect and become very atmospheric in places especially when listening late at night with the headphones on.

I want to say at this point, a big massive thank you to my music partner and best friend Jon Camp (Bass Man) Renaissance & MoJo who has contributed both musically and given excellent direction and advice throughout.

Please spread the word and share thanks.

Maurice Douglas.

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