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Bio: jon camp

Born John Philip Camp on the 9th October 1949 in Westminster Hospital, London the son of Ronald Henry and Lily Camp Jon attended Edmonton County Grammar School where he achieved both GCE ‘O’ and ‘A’ Levels. 

His interest in music was already developing by the time he was ten years old and his parents bought him his first guitar, a Selmer 555 acoustic which he treasured greatly. 

Influences then were the instrumental groups of the time such as The Shadows, The Outlaws, The Ventures and the Tornados to name but a few.While at school Jon formed a Guitar Club against a great deal of opposition from the teachers there-apart from his music tutor-Mr. Gill 

By this time armed with a Watkins Rapier 33(a Stratocaster copy of the day) and a Watkins Dominator amp it was time to hit the stage! 

Jon’s first group ‘7th Dimension’ covered all the hits of the day with Jon on lead guitar and vocals. The main problem here was that a lot of the gigs the band played were in public houses and as he was only fifteen at the time Jon spent a lot of the time hiding behind the amps from which came disembodied guitar solos which nobody seemed to be playing! 

Jon’s musical interests broadened greatly at this time-discovering early blues (Muddy Waters was a particular favourite) and the West Coast harmony groups such as The Beach Boys, The Association, 5th Dimension and anything produced by Phil Spector. 

As luck would have it another more popular local group-‘Pepper’ were looking for a bass player and Jon got the gig using a friends bass even though he had never played one before! 

One of his fondest memories was going to Shaftsbury Avenue in London with every penny he had to buy a Gibson EBO and a Vox Foundation Bass 50 which was incredibly heavy and just having enough cash left to get everything into a taxi for the ten mile journey to his home in Winchmore Hill, North London. 

‘Pepper’ became one of the best known bands in the area and it was Jon’s first chance to play with experienced musicians who although older than him were happy to pass on their knowledge. 

It was at this time that Jon acquired the nickname ‘Spider’-this coming from the fact that he insisted playing the bass as a lead guitar-a trait which would prove to be very useful in the coming years! 

Around this time ‘Pepper’ were spotted by Jack Segal-a manager bringing in acts from the USA and Jon signed his first management contract. His name was shown as ‘Jon’ on this and he adopted this spelling from then on. 

‘Pepper’ became the backing band for many American artistes such as ‘The Drifters, The Flirtations, Ben E. King, Gary ‘US’ Bonds and The Four Tops. 

Several different bands were played with in the next few years one being ‘The Nocturnes’ whose female members went on to become the nucleus of ‘The New Seekers’-Jon was offered the bass player role but declined-he was looking for new ways to use the distinctive style that was emerging in his bass playing and ‘progressive rock’ with it’s grandeur and extrovert musicianship was beginning to call! 

Since Jon and Maurice started their musical collaberation it has become clear that the potential they have will only realised if treated as a long journey. Due to their complimentary styles, same values and goals when it comes to creating music they have decided to work together on a permanent basis, and already have ideas in place for the next album. 
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bio: maurice douglas

Born Maurice Douglas on the 6th May 1958 in Morpeth Hospital Northumberland a Guitarist Songwriter Musician from the North East of England has been playing and performing since he was 15 years of age. 

Brought up in a children's home from an early age, Maurice bought his first record when he was 15 (Hot Love T Rex) and soon after that got his hands on a Gibson Les Paul Copy from a store catalogue on weekly instalments. 

He remembers hearing "Jailbait" by Wishbone Ash and was totally hooked and has never looked back since. Maurice was luckily enough to tour with Martin Turner UK & Euro in 2009 as guitarist totalling over 30 shows and went on to make an original album "The Word Is Out" with the help of Rob Hewins, Ray Hatfield of Showwaddywaddy & Danny Wilson, Maurice is also mentioned in Martin Turners recent book and autobiography with much praise and respect as a guy and musician. 

Maurice is currently writing & recording music full time and has teamed up with music legend Jon Camp from Renaissance who have become very good friends as well as musical collaborators, working under the name of MoJo, and album release is imminent entitled “Urgent Delivery” which features eleven Instrumental tracks.

As well as being a versatile musician, he also composes in many styles of music including Rock / Folk / Classical, and occasionally performs an acoustic solo set of original music.

A few years back Maurice underwent dental implant surgery for the second time in three years as this coincided with the making of the album "The Word Is Out" which caused major problems recording his vocal parts in between implant operations, but with determination and a few overdubs the vocals were completed in time. 

During the early years Maurice performed in Clubs & Pubs in the Northeast of England but his burning ambition to write and record original music eluded him and he became very frustrated which Maurice puts down to the Geography and the mood of the Northeast music scene at that time, he did though appear on a couple of compilation albums one which also featured Rick Fenn of 10cc, All About Eve. 

As well as being a seasoned musician and writer, Maurice is a fully qualified Microsoft Certified Professional which has hugely contributed to his music production skills and knowledge of Music Production Software. 

Exciting times ahead though for Maurice & Jon who have formed a very strong bond musically and understand each others needs and requirements to producing great sounding and high end quality recordings, they have also formed a working musical partnership under the name of Esprit which offers a service and advice to other musicians.

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Jon Camp & Maurice Douglas of MoJo, have been speaking to "DMME Let It Rock Magazine" regarding their up and coming album release "Urgent Delivery".



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